Samphire at the Bay of Fires


I have found a patch of Samphire (tecticornia) close to home. Hidden in rocks at the Bay of Fires beaches. It was originally pointed out by local Paul Frater who is a well regarded horticulturist in our area. I asked Paul to locate some so I could show my students and incorporate it into the menus in my classes.

This coastal plant is now becoming trendy even though it has been around for centuries. Its popular name is Sea Asparagus. Its crisp texture and salty flavour is quite agreeable to chew freshly snipped from the rocks but steaming or plunging into boiling water for just minutes is the common way to appreciate it. I have discovered in research that the Elizabethans made a sauce by pureeing and mixing with butter. Samphire is ideal for combining with seafood dishes.IMG_4928

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