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KISS A FISH COOKERY SCHOOL Newsletter No 1 March 2015



It is now five months into my new business life in Tasmania. I opened The Kiss A Fish Cookery School in November 2014 and had an official opening ceremony conducted by the Premier of Tasmania in December 2014. Every one asked me how I managed to get the Premier to St Helens. The Premier Will Hodgman is the Tasmanian Minister for Tourism and is very passionate about Tasmania’s tourism potential so much so that when he won office he appointed himself head of that department.

The Premier Will Hodgkin and Roz MacAllan

The Premier Will Hodgkin ringing the bell and Roz MacAllan

I simply wrote a letter outlining my business concept and fortunately for me he immediately saw enough potential to schedule a visit. I might add some other businesses got to leverage off his visit and why not, this is what he would have wished. Then in February St Helens became the location for a cabinet meeting so the Premier is now up to date and very familiar with our local area.

The school was launched in the professional kitchen at the All Trades Centre in St Helens but various issues limited or impinged the straightforward rental of the premises so after deliberations and discussions with various food and education professionals it was decided to relocate the school to my beach house in Binalong Bay. This could not be done however without Break O Day Council approval, which was sought and after the required criteria was met, I was granted permission to run the classes from here.

I spent much of 2014 getting organised for the school and it was also our first year of living in Tasmania on a permanent basis. To make our former holiday home a permanent home, 2014 was also the year of ‘living with builders’ as we added an extension that involved a new informal living room and a large L shaped covered deck. At the time of designing the extension and large deck we did not anticipate using it for teaching purposes.

A big project within the renovation and extension was building a wood fire oven. I had always craved an oven where I could enjoy the different flavours wood brings to food and of course the chance to build a larger than domestic oven for all my ambitious cooking projects. This necessitated an outdoor entertaining kitchen so in the end it turned out that our private indulgence is to be shared. We overlook a reserve and Skeleton Bay – so students can enjoy the wonderful landscape and seascape during the day as opposed to being inside all day.

The wood fired oven is frequently lit and this creates another option for cooking and of course wood fire cooking adds a particular flavour.

Filming day

Filming day

Tourism Tasmania has created more of its  ‘Go Behind The Scenery’ series of commercials for television exposure on the mainland and Kiss A Fish was chosen to feature alongside other east coast attractions.

Some of my staff feature also as they were hired by the film production crew to work as extras – although in modern parlance these days are referred to as ‘warm props’ .

Here is a link to the Go Behind the Scenery commercial

My staff – I have offered various local people the opportunity to work with me on a casual basis at this stage. Finding people to work at the school on a casual basis has not been particularly hard but the ongoing availability of the same people cannot be taken for granted. But so far everyone has enjoyed the experience and continue to be available.

The classes are offered on Saturdays and run from 10am to 4.00pm.

Bookings now open – Saturday 28 March, 2015

Cost $350 pp.




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